Adjusting Self-Closing Drawer Slides

September 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

For my readers who have renovated their kitchens in the last few years, many of you have those fancy new self-closing, under-mount slides on your kitchen drawers.  They have become a standard ‘luxury’ on just about any kitchen these days.  They are easier on the eyes (they are hidden) and easier on the ears (they prevent the drawer from slamming.)  And I guess they are part of the larger design trend to hide any kind of mechanics or actuating parts that may reveal how something operates.  We seem to want to think it is all magic.

But, of course, it is not.  And these kinds of slides are particularly prone to coming out of alignment.  They do have a secret switch on the locking mechanism, that will allow you to adjust them.

These photos below are from my own kitchen and the slides are the Blum brand.  You may have Hettich or Accuride versions; they all work the same.

Open your kitchen drawer.  Reach under on each side and you will feel the two locking mechanisms that connect the drawer to the slides.  Near the outside of the mechanism – circled in the picture below – is a plastic tab that can be slid forward or back, raising or lowering the drawer box on the slide.  Each side can be adjusted separately.  It this way you can realign a bank of drawers, or even-out the gaps between a stack of drawers in your kitchen.  The vibrating and constant motion of the drawers will knock them out of alignment over time, but now you can re-adjust as you like.  We may as well get your money’s worth from this fancy hardware; we paid for it!

It is also a good idea to make sure the screws connecting the slide mechanism to the side of the cabinet are tight.  To remove a drawer, reach around each side of the drawer and, with both hands, squeeze the orange (or blue) handles of the two locking mechanisms simultaneously.  The drawer will lift off the slides.  To re-install the drawer, rest it loosely on top of the two fully extended slide rails.  Slowly, but with some insistence, slide the drawer into the cabinet.  The rails will re-connect to the locking mechanisms and the drawer will be operational.


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